Dish Wash Powder

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    Benefits & Uses : Unique coating agent which forms a protective layer on the cleaned surface Prevents uneven spots. Provides cleaner and shiner look to the utensil/article for longer period of time. Marketed By : Aum Cleen Products Pvt. Ltd. 403, 4th Floor, Tanishka Bldg., Akurli Road,Kandivali (East), Mumbai - 400 101. Website : For...

    Rs. 55.00
  • Dish Wash Powder (500 gm)

    Benefits & Uses : Quick Cleen Dishwash Powder is a highly effective dishwash product for superior cleaning. It has a powerful abrasive action that leaves utensils and dishes sparkling cleen. Gives mirror cleen finish to steel, aluminium, glass & all utensils. It has a natural lemon fragrance, and is mild & gentle on the hands. Marketed By :...

    Rs. 15.00
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